Sludge Gun

SKU: H-SG25, H-SG25-4

Line Set & System Component Flushing Tool

  • Convenient Reusable Flushing Tool
  • For Flushing Contamination from Line Sets and System Components
  • Use with Sludge Gun Cleaning Fluid H-SG16
  • Built-in Pressure Relief Safety Valve

Directions For Use:

WARNING: This product is for use ONLY by trained HVACR professionals.

Always wear full protective eyewear when handling this product or performing flushing service.

Line Set Flushing:

  • Recover refrigerant and remove old equipment in compliance with federal, state, and local regulations.
  • Place a sealable container or bucket under the outdoor line set opening to collect used Cleaning Fluid. Partially crimp the ends of each line to restrict flow to increase Cleaning Fluid pressure and contact time.
  • Attach Sludge Gun hose and flush nozzle to the outlet side of the canister valve. Unscrew valve assembly and fill canister with the desired amount of Sludge Gun Cleaning Fluid. Close the ball valve and screw assembly onto the filled canister.
  • Attach inlet (ball valve side) of assembled Sludge Gun Flushing Tool to a pressure-regulated nitrogen source. Set nitrogen pressure regulator to 50 PSI. Slowly open ball valve to pressurize canister. DO NOT EXCEED 200 PSI. Close canister ball valve and nitrogen valve, then disconnect nitrogen source.
  • While keeping the canister upright, firmly hold rubber cone tip of the flush nozzle into the opening of the line to be flushed. Squeeze trigger in short bursts to maximize cleaning action. One can of Sludge Gun Cleaning Fluid will typically clean 3 line sets. Results will vary depending on tubing diameter and level of contamination.
  • Slowly open ball value to depressurize canister. Disconnect flush nozzle from canister. Attach flush nozzle to nitrogen source and purge lines at 150 PSI. Inspect discharge container for contamination. If necessary, repeat flush until Cleaning Fluid is clear.
  • The line set is now ready for service.

Compressor Burnouts:

  • Remove or bypass system restriction components such as filter driers, expansion valves, orifices, etc.
  • Flush components separately using the Line Set Flushing instructions.
  • For added protection of the new compressor, consider using LubriTect Acid & Moisture Treatment, H-3702.

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