Drain Pan Treatment For Window / Fan Coil Units

Sold as:  12 strips per case
Individual strip size: 12″ X 1.5″ X .63″

  • EPA registered, timed-release control of microbial contaminants in condensate pans
  • Kills mold, algae, fungus, and other microorganisms including Legionnaires Bacteria
  • Lasts up to 6 months
  • Place in drain pan as far from drain as possible

STA-CLEAN STRIPS are a specially formulated system for the water activated time release of cleaners, surfactants, fragrance, odor counteractants and corrosion inhibitors into the air conditioning/refrigeration condensate drain pan. They are designed to be placed in the condensate drain pan during normal service or maintenance visits, and provide protection from biomass buildup and stoppages that cause overflows for an entire season.

Organic fouling is a major problem in air conditioning and refrigeration systems. Use STA-CLEAN STRIPS during servicing to maintain clean and unrestricted water flow of both the drain and drain lines. Our special formulation provides safe time release of active ingredients making this product a must for good Indoor Air Quality. Preventing Sick Building Syndrome, Building Related Illness, and their related symptoms, are the design criteria for this product.


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Place the appropriate size STA-CLEAN STRIPS in the evaporator section of your air conditioning/refrigeration system.  Place it between the evaporator coil and the drain opening, as far from the opening as is convenient, while still intercepting the water flow.  Do not block the drain opening.The pan should be clean before inserting the pan treatment.  Replace every season. (It will be the same size as when installed.)  Dispose of used product right along with everyday trash. Wash hands after handling. Keep out of reach of children.

    It is a violation of Federal Law to use this product in a manner inconsistent with its labeling. Hydro-Balance Sta-Clean Condensate Drain Strips is for use in drain pans of many cooling units such as air conditioners and refrigerators. Controls foul-smelling odors caused by mildew, fungi, bacteria, algae and slime. For use in hotels, motels, schools, colleges, hospitals, nursing homes and airports. Effective against odor-causing bacteria. Hydro-Balance Sta-Clean Condensate Drain Strips is a controlled release product that easily fits into most air conditioners, refrigerator drip pans or the water tank of your dehumidifier. Because of the controlled release mechanism, Hydro-Balance Sta-Clean Condensate Drain Strips will last up to six months effectively maintaining clean water and inhibiting the foul odors caused by mildew. Heavier than normal use may require replacement in less than 6 months for best results. Hydro-Balance Sta-Clean Condensate Drain Strips provides a pleasant odor as it works. Not for use in heat vaporizing or atomizing type vaporizing humidifiers.

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