SKU: Z-200 01

Alkylbenzene Refrigeration Oil
Viscosity Grade 46
@100°F 200 SUS

  • High quality reliable lubrication
  • High solubility ~ Low foaming ~ Low floc point
  • Excellent thermal stability
  • OEM approved
  • Compatible with CFC & HCFC refrigerants and mineral oils

Directions For Use:

Z-200CX is recommended for use with refrigerants R-401a/R-401b and R-402a/R402-b, as well as other HCFC and CFC refrigerants in field service and retrofit applications. Z-200CX can also be used for the initial flush in HFC retrofits.

Always Follow The Equipment Manufacturer’s Recommendation For Selection.

NOTE: Refrigeration lubricants absorb moisture from air which may be harmful to equipment. Keep container tightly closed when not dispensing.

Available Sizes

Z-200 011 GAL4