SKU: H-SL005

Fast & Effective at Finding & Sealing Leaks!
Leak Stop | Up to 0.5 Tons

  • Concentrated
  • One Time Use
  • Easy Product Viewing
  • System Pump-Down Not Required
  • Compatible With All Refrigerants Except Ammonia

Directions: Without Refrigerant Tank

  • Turn the A/C system on and verify the unit is running.
  • Securely connect SystemSaver to the low side port (larger A/C tube size).
  • Close both valves on manifold gauge and securely connect high side red hose from manifold gauge set to high side service port (Fig1).
  • Lightly thread the yellow hose to the fitting of the System Saver not engaging Schrader core yet (Fig2).
  • Briefly crack open and close high side manifold valve to purge air out of the yellow hose (Fig3), then secure connection at (Fig2).
  • Quickly crack open and close the high side manifold valve to push SystemSaver into the A/C system.(Fig3).
  • With high side valve of the manifold gauge now closed, wait one minute for the yellow hose and System Saver to equalize to suction pressure. Disconnect SystemSaver and manifold lines from ports. Run system for 60 minutes to circulate the sealant. Dispose of empty SystemSaver.

Directions: With Refrigerant Tank

Refer to diagram below for injecting SystemSaver into system while adding refrigerant.

  • Ensure valves and tank are in closed position.
  • Secure all connections except (Fig2) which should be lightly connected.
  • Open tank valve, then quickly open and close blue valve to purge line. Secure connection at (Fig2).
  • Charge system as needed.
  • Disconnect SystemSaver from service port and discard.
  • Run system for 60 mins to circulate SystemSaver.

Read and Understand the product’s label and Safety Data Sheet. For Professional Use Only.
DO NOT exceed 350 psi. DO NOT KINK TUBE. DO NOT mix with ammonia
. DO NOT use in any manner for which it was not designed. Highly flammable liquid and vapor. Always wear PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) when servicing HVAC equipment. May be fatal if swallowed/ enters airways. Causes skin irritation. Toxic to aquatic life.

Available Sizes

H-SL005Up to 0.5 Tons6