Heavy Concentrated Product, Mix With Water

Super H.D.

SKU: H-1501, H-1505, H-1555

Water Soluble Safety Solvent

Cleans, Degreases, Deodorizes, Non-Flammable, Biodegradable

Easily Removes Grease, Soot, Grime, Oil, Tobacco Tars, Wax, Carbon, Gummy Dust…and Many Other Stubborn Deposits.

  • Removes tobacco tars, grease, grime, soot, and baked-on residues from electronic filters, refrigeration parts, heating parts, fans, vents, blowers, air ducts, and registers
  • Non-flammable
  • Dilution rates from 2 to 10 parts water
  • May irritate eyes and skin – Excessive contact should be avoided

Directions For Use:

Super H.D. may be applied by dipping, swabbing or low or high pressure sprayer. For cleaning electronic filters, turn unit and fans off. Dilute Super H.D. with 2 parts water. Spray liberally and allow to penetrate for 5 minutes, rinse thoroughly with water. To clean other hard surfaces, dilute with 4 parts water for baked on residue or grease. Dilute with 8-10 parts water for oils, dust and grime. Do not use on glass.

Available Sizes

H-15011 GAL4
H-15055 GAL1
H-155555 GAL1