General Purpose Lubricant

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Silicone Spray is a general purpose silicone lubricant formulated to stop sticking, binding and squeaking. It is a unique formulation of a reacted-grade silicone and fast-evaporating solvents, with fine-mist spray pattern that allows for even and controlled silicone distribution. When used as directed does not cause “fish eyes” in paint, and is therefore useful in auto-body shops, mold-release, and other applications where paintability is required. Silicone Spray is also excellent for metal-to-metal, aluminum, rubber and plastic lubrication, thread and fiber lubes, and rubber and plastic mold release applications.
Automotive Industry- Prevents freezing of lock mechanisms, lubricates rubber door and window seals. Lubricates and protects parts. Packaging/Processing Industry- Lubricates movable parts on all packaging and processing machinery. Helps reduce rusting of exposed metal. Textile Industry- Reduces friction on ironing and pressing equipment, Use on cutting tables to prevent binding and provide smooth and even cutting. Mold Release- Excellent for rubber, plastic and paintable mold release applications. Silicone Spray can also be used on Vending Equipment, Molding Equipment, Dry Cleaning Equipment and other applications where lubrication is required. Authorized by USDA for use in federally inspected meat and poultry plants.

  • Medium Viscosity, Light Duty, No Gumming, Reduces Friction, Protects and Renews
  • Spray De Silicona

Directions For Use:

Thoroughly clean surface to be sprayed. Hold can 8 to 10” from surface. Spray lightly with a sweeping motion. Avoid over-spraying. On sticking parts, work back and forth to allow good penetration. Wipe off excess with a clean cloth.

Available Sizes

H-SS1313 OZ