SKU: H-PVE3232, H-PVE3201

Polyvinyl Ether Refrigeration Lubricant

For Use in Systems Requiring Polyvinyl Ether Lubricant

HYDRO-BALANCE® PVE 32 is a new generation polyvinyl ether compressor lubricant for use with HFC refrigerants. Polyvinyl ether based lubricants are inherently resistant to hydrolysis which provides superiority over polyol esters (POE).

HYDRO-BALANCE PVE 32 is for use in systems requiring ISO VG 32 polyvinyl ether lubricant and replaces FVC32D. Where approved by the OEM, HYDRO-BALANCE PVE 32 is also suitable for systems requiring ISO VG 32 polyvinyl ether lubricant.

  • Compatible with all HFC refrigerants.
  • For use in systems requiring Polyvinyl Ether Lubricant
  • Does not hydrolyze to form acid
  • Exceptional resistance to capillary tube blockage
  • Excellent lubricity for greater wear protection
  • Meets or exceeds OEM specifications

Directions For Use:

Always consult equipment/compressor manufacturer for proper lubricant selection.

Refrigeration lubricants absorb moisture from the air. This container was packaged under dry nitrogen to preserve product integrity. Always keep container tightly closed unless dispensing.

Store locked up. Dispose of contents and container in accordance with all local, regional, and national regulations.

Additional Sizes

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