SKU: P-6832, P-6801, P-6805

Synthetic Polyol-Ester Refrigeration Lubricant

  • Excellent Lubricating Properties Over a Wide Temperature Range
  • Superior Corrosion Resistance
  • Excellent Oxidative and Hydrolytic Stability
  • Good Load Carry Capabilities
  • Excellent Retrofit Capabilities

Directions For Use:

Hydro-Balance POE Series

Polyol-Ester based refrigeration lubricants are specifically formulated for use with environmentally friendly HFC refrigerants. They are also suitable with HCFC and CFC refrigerants which make them suitable for many applications.

Typical Compressor Applications

POE 68 is for use where an ISO VG 68 polyol ester lubricant is called for by the compressor manufacturer.

Contents of this container are manufactured by leading producers of Polyol-Ester refrigeration lubricants and meet the specifications of many equipment and compressor manufacturers. Always consult your manufacturer for specific applications.

Note: Refrigeration lubricants absorb moisture from the air. This container is packaged under dry nitrogen to maintain product integrity. Keep container tightly sealed until time of use and when not dispensing.

Additional Sizes

P-683232 OZ12
H-68011 GAL4
H-68055 GAL1