Internal Coil Cleaner


Cleans: Tar, Soot, Oil, Sludge

  • Environmentally friendly flushing solvent for use after burnouts, for retrofits or compressor replacement
  • Safely cleans systems that use CFC, HCFC, and HFC refrigerants and all types of lubricants
  • Excellent A/C and refrigeration parts cleaner

Directions For Use:

  1. Recover refrigerant according to EPA regulations.
  2. Disconnect the compressor, expansion valve, accumulator, receiver, dryer, capillary tube and solenoid valves.
  3. Circulate Internal Coil Cleaner for 15 to 20 minutes through each coil using a container, tubing and a hand pump. For larger systems, use a larger container and circulating pump.
  4. Use approximately 1 gallon per system ton.
  5. Collect used cleaner and dispose of according to federal, state and local regulations.
  6. Blow pressurized nitrogen through coils to remove remaining cleaner and accelerate evaporation.
  7. Separately clean additional tubing, and clean or replace expansion valve, capillary tube, solenoid valve, accumulator and receiver.
  8. Reconnect the system components and install new compressor and dryer. Evacuate system to 300 microns.
  9. Recharge system.

WARNING: Do not use near open flame or fire.
NOTE: For cleaning line sets look at Hydro-balance Sludge Gun Flushing Tool for a reusable solution(H-SG25).

Available Sizes

H-CF011 GAL4