SKU: H-601, H-605

Scale Remover

Hydrox is an inhibited phosphoric acid descaler which is much safer, and easier to use than other descalers containing hydrochloric or sulfamic acids. Hydrox is non-fuming, safe on paint, wood and commonly used metals. Do not use on galvanized surfaces.

  • Safely removes scale from cooling towers, pipes, and condensers without system shutdown
  • Highly concentrated, use only 3 gallons per 100 gallons of circulating water
  • Reduces head pressure in a matter of hours
  • Ideal for use in systems that cannot be shutdown for descaling
  • Contains no dangerous Hydrochloric acids or Sulfuric acids

Directions For Use:

Add Hydrox to the sump and it will reduce head-pressure in a matter of a few hours. Because Hydrox contains no harsh acids, it can be left in the water system for 24 to 48 hours, allowing time for other duties while the system is being cleaned. Add 3 gallons of Hydrox for each 100 gallons of circulating water. The amount of water in the system can be estimated by multiplying the sump length X width X depth in feet and multiplying by 10. Allow system to operate normally for 24 to 48 hours with the bleed line turned off, then drain the entire system.

For systems that cannot be drained after Hydrox treatment, increase the bleed off rate 2 or 3 times normal rate to dilute unused Hydrox.

Available Sizes

H-6011 GAL4
H-6055 GAL1