Hydro-Therm PG100

SKU: H-801, H-805, H-855

Non-Toxic HVAC Anti-Freeze Solution

Hydro-Therm™ PG100 is a propylene glycol based heat transfer fluid designed for maximum freeze protection for hydronic heating, chillers, solar heating, and other closed-loop water systems. Hydro-Therm™ PG100’s food-grade inhibitor package and GRAS (generally regarded as safe) ingredients make it a superior choice over ethylene glycol based fluids.

  • Unique testing procedure
  • PG100 Test Strips determine adequate freeze & corrosion protection
  • 70% propylene glycol based heat transfer fluid for maximum freeze protection
  • Contains a food-grade corrosion inhibitor package specially designed for HVAC systems
  • Burst protection to -100°F (-73°C)
  • Freeze protection to – 60°F (-51°C)

Directions For Use:

  • Thoroughly clean the system.
  • Measure the system capacity in gallons by filling completely with fresh water, draining into a suitable container, and recording the gallons removed.
  • Select the desired temperature protection level using the chart upper right:
  • Calculate the amount of PG100 required: System Capacity X% Concentration of PG100 = amount of PG100 required in gallons.
  • Fill the system taking special care to ensure all air is removed from the system.
  • Use PG100 Test Strips to determine adequate freeze and corrosion protection.
  • Retest annually.

Available Sizes

H-8011 GAL4
H-8055 GAL1
H-85555 GAL1

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