SKU: H-401, H-405, H-455

Self-Rinsing Evaporator Coil Cleaner

  • No foaming action – only attacks dirt buildup, not metal
  • Dilution rates from 4 to 6 parts water
  • U.S.D.A. accepted
  • Rinsing not required – normal condensation will carry away dirt and contamination
  • May irritate eyes and skin – excessive contact should be avoided

Directions For Use:

(Window Units, Small Central Units)

Read entire label & Safety Data Sheet before use.
– Dilute with up to 6 parts water.
– Shut unit off.
– Spray coil thoroughly using a coarse spray to avoid misting.
– Wait 5 minutes and resume normal operation.
– No rinsing is required when condensation is present. If condensation is not expected, rinse with water.

(Commercial Systems, Air Handling Units)
– Dilute with up to 6 parts water before use.
– If possible leave air-flow on during application.
– Spray intake side of coil with coarse spray until saturated to the run off point. (Suction of system will cause complete coil penetration.) Refuse and contamination will drain as condensate.
– If it is not possible to leave air-flow on during application, spray coil thoroughly and turn air on immediately after application.
– If condensation is not expected, rinse with water.

Additional Sizes

H-4011 GAL4
H-4055 GAL1
H-45555 GAL1