SKU: H-9932

Cooling Coil Anti-Foulant

  • Water based anti-foulant for cooling coils
  • Forms microscopically thin coating that renders cooling surfaces self-cleaning for up to two years
  • Prevents fungus and similar organisms from growing in the coating

Directions For Use:

Read entire label and Safety Data Sheet before use. Use only according to directions. Shake well before use. For best results apply with a garden or hand type sprayer adjusted to a fine mist. Use enough EVER-CLEAN to dampen entire coil surface. Coil must be thoroughly cleaned and DRY before application. PRE-CLEAN is ideal for cleaning coil prior to treatment as it is manufactured to be compatible with EVER-CLEAN. Drying of coil can be accelerated by running the fan only. Allow at least 30 minutes for EVER-CLEAN to cure before putting system back on line. Clean spraying equipment with water.

  • Clean and dry coil thoroughly.
  • If possible spray coil from intake side and leave air flow on to aid complete coil penetration. Use a fine mist and spray lightly to avoid bridging the coating between fins.
  • Allow at least 30 minutes cure time before putting system back on line.
  • EVER-CLEAN is a water based product. Keep it out of contactors, motors, etc.

Additional Sizes

H-99011 GAL4
H-993232 OZ12