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Degreasing Solvent

  • Fully complies with (LVP) exemption set by the California Air Resources Board for V.O.C.’s in consumer products. This product does not contain SARA Title III Section 313 reportable ingredients.
  • ENVIRO-SOLV DEGREASING SOLVENT is ideal for use by technicians in H.V.A.C., refrigeration and electrical industries. It will safely and effectively remove oil, grease and greasy grime from mechanical parts, sheet metal, coils, switches, motor armatures, etc.
  • ENVIRO-SOLV DEGREASING SOLVENT is a unique, full-strength solvent that combines cleaning effectiveness with personal safety and environmental concerns. Unlike commonly used solvents that contain chlorinated hydrocarbons, this product contains no suspected human cancer causing material or toxic substances as defined by SARA Title III, Section 313. Due to its slow evaporation rate, this product is excellent for use in dip tanks. It evaporates completely, residue free, at about the same rate as water. If desired, accelerated evaporation can be achieved by forced air drying or wiping dry with a clean cloth.
  • ENVIRO-SOLV DEGREASING SOLVENT has a flash point of 175° F (minimum) and is classified as a combustible liquid. Do not use near fire or flame. If this product is accidentally spilled, it is not subject to any special reporting under the requirements of the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act (CERCLA).
  • Controlled evaporation is ideal for use in dip tanks
  • Cleans electric motors, machined parts, coils, switches, breakers & other components
  • Will not harm most electrical insulation
  • Leaves no residue

Directions for use:

Apply generously by swabbing or brushing. Parts can be immersed in the solvent and a brush used to assist in cleaning heavily caked-on-greases. Drying can be accelerated by used forced air or wiping with rags.

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H-ES011 GAL4

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