Dual Purpose, Vacuum Pump Oil

SKU: H-2600

Lubricates and Cleans Vacuum Pumps

Gives You These Benefits

  • Highly demulsifiable…separates from water in 25 minutes at 180°F.
  • Powerful sludge dispersant loosens dirt, sludge and cleans pump.
  • Combination of additives makes for true anti-wear lubricant and lengthens pump life.
  • Anti-rust ingredient protects internal parts.
  • Vapor pressure less than 0.1 microns at 140°F.

Directions For Use:

After 15 to 20 hours of operation, drain vacuum pump and refill with VACUUM PUMP OIL. NOTE- Because of its extra cleaning power, VACUUM PUMP OIL may become discolored. Remember VACUUM PUMP OIL is both a vacuum pump lubricant and a flushing oil.

CAUTION: Dirt and sludge can reduce efficiency and damage pump. VACUUM PUMP OIL’s special additives prevent sludge formation and keeps dirt in suspension. Also prevents rusting and minimizes wear.

Additional Sizes

H-260032 OZ12
H-26011 GAL4

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