Cold Pipe Insulating Spray


Durable • Flexible • Water Resistant
Adheres To Stainless Steel, Black Iron, Copper, Brass, Galvanized And Pvc May Be Painted When Dry

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Prevents condensation on cold water pipes, refrigeration lines and coils, condensers, valves and fittings. Insulates and prevents moisture build-up on water tanks, metal gutters, ice machines, air conditioning ducts and toilet tanks. Provides a “Quilting” effect by trapping moving air in special air pockets created by the stipple texture. Convenient aerosol spray is easy to apply in hard to reach areas and conforms to irregularly shaped surfaces. Dries quickly to a clean, white insulation which is nonflammable when dry. Excellent for repairing or for use in conjunction with wrap around, sleeve or foam type insulation.

  • Stops Sweating of Cold Pipes
  • Works on Copper, Black Iron, Stainless Steel, Galvanized, Brass and PVC Pipe
  • Eliminates Drip Damage

Directions For Use:


Remove loose dust and dirt by wiping surface gently with a dry rag or duster. Cover surfaces under area to be treated with newspaper or a drop cloth. Protect other areas with masking tape.

Shake for 1 minute with agitator ball moving and shake periodically during application. Always be sure surface is clean and dry before application. For best results apply a thin first coat by spraying from a distance of 30 cms (12”). Recoat from a distance of 15 cms (6”) for a thicker second layer.

Immediately After Use, Invert Can And Spray To Clear Applicator Nozzle

Available Sizes

H-CP1818 OZ12