Fluorescent Spray-Type
Non-Toxic, Non-Clogging, Biodegradable, Low-Temp Leak Detector

Use to pinpoint both tiny slow leaks and larger faster leaks from any pressurized gas system. Tiny leaks result in large bubbles and faster larger leaks are indicated with a stream of bubbles. Its fluorescent formulation assists with leak detection under black light. Fluorescent, Bubble Up, Spray-type is freeze protected with non-toxic, propylene glycol for added safety when compared to products made with ethylene glycol.

  • Pinpoints tiny leaks in pressurized gas systems
  • Sprayable, tacky, liquid clings to vertical surfaces and the underside of pipes
  • Convenient spray for hard to reach areas
  • Bubbles indicate leaks
  • Non-corrosive, non-clogging
  • Freeze protected to 0° F

Directions For Use:

Adjust spray nozzle to desired spray pattern and coat all surfaces suspect of leakage. Within seconds telltale bubbles or foam will pinpoint any leakage. Spraying surface with water will reactivate solution.

Additional Sizes

RG3232 OZ12
RG011 GAL4